The future of the Yeti

Internal Debate: RS (Rational Stella): the truck is expensive to run, needs some love, and impossible to park in almost all urban settings.  IS (Idealyc Stella): but it’ll be great for weekend trips! Great for social media things! RS: it need new tires and brakes! IS: BUT YOU CAN JUST CAMP IN THE BACK! Free camping anywhere, any time!…

Sleep Deprived

Was, umm… kindly? woken up at 2:30 this morning by the police knocking at my window.  No camping in SLC. Period.  Nicer than the last interaction with the police, but still annoying. He just suggested I try and ‘blend in’ more downtown. I was parked on campus–where I’ve bought a parking pass & am in…

Slow Going

I’ve been sucked into classes and the hunt for a job, thus sucking my productivity and funds for Yeti Building to non-existent. A change of plans… well, actual development of long-term plans have altered my plans with hitting the road in the short term and the build has dropped a few spots on my priority…


I’m using the term ‘kitchening’ like my fellow millenials use ‘adulting.’

Conscious Consumption

I wrote a post for a blog I used to run with a friend (lots of past tense story setting in one sentence…), and have been thinking a lot about it. In a sentence, I decided that my resolution for 2015 was to consume less. Not just food and drinks–but coffee, media and things. I…

Chant With Me Now 

“Progress! Progress! Progress! Progress!!” Today I made what I feel like is more progress than I’ve made in weeks. Curtains are installed (not lined though because the grays of my fabrics didn’t look good together & of course that matters), all insulation around the bed is finished, and plans for the actual build are finished. …

Curtains are cool

No literally. Two feet to my right it’s like a million degrees hotter (or maybe only 5). First layer of insulation is in, and I ran out of aluminum tape just as I finished. It looks pretty hodgepodged, but is getting covered, so meh!  Patterns for covered reflectix curtains look pretty rough too, but I’m…

Got Wood?

Yeah. Exactly what it sounds like.

Meditation within the Madness

Finding space for silence and reflection in an ever more reflective (ha! Get it?) space I’m calling home.  Lessons I’m learning: Routine, routine, routine. Finding space for myself and focusing on my own ideas and direction is key to my sanity. 

Nipple View

Night one of a solo escapade to test the lifestyle.