New Year, Who Dis


…and the Yeti lives on. It (I’ve decided to keep the beast gender-neutral) still needs new tires desperately, and the build-out is still on hold, but I can’t imagine another adventure mobile for me. So there’s that update for myself to look back at and think whatever it is I’ll think next time I come across this.

School is done, skiing is here, my knee is feeling grrrreat, and work is full speed ahead. The uncertainty will kick back in around April, as I decide where to go, what to do and in what capacity… (The idea of buying a motorcycle, loading up my ski gear and heading to Mt. Hood this spring was thrown around today.)  Freelance? Another full-time contract? Design work? Chase the snow? Who knows.

The only goals I’ve consciously set for 2017 are as follows:

  •  to continue working towards starting my own creative agency  (up and running  in 2 years)
  • to finally finish the damn build-out of the truck and spend a LOT more time on the road.
  • AT LEAAAST 3 ski trips.
  • Create more. Constantly. In every way.

V. recently a lot of the work I’ve been doing and ground work I’ve been putting in was dashed, and I need to figure out what I’m going to do. I really need to break out of marketing ASAP.


Ok long enough. New phone, same me. Wait….img_0499


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