The future of the Yeti


Internal Debate:

RS (Rational Stella): the truck is expensive to run, needs some love, and impossible to park in almost all urban settings. 

IS (Idealyc Stella): but it’ll be great for weekend trips! Great for social media things!

RS: it need new tires and brakes!

IS: BUT YOU CAN JUST CAMP IN THE BACK! Free camping anywhere, any time! Every weekend!

RS: cops hate it when you camp in the back of a truck. Realistically, how often will I camp in my truck. I’d almost rather just rent camp…

IS: *gasp!* how dare you. Every weekend! Always! Camping! And comforts of home, but in a truck! A real bed! 

… this debate of whether or not I keep the truck or downsize is making me crazy. 


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