Sleep Deprived


Was, umm… kindly? woken up at 2:30 this morning by the police knocking at my window. 

No camping in SLC. Period. 

Nicer than the last interaction with the police, but still annoying. He just suggested I try and ‘blend in’ more downtown. I was parked on campus–where I’ve bought a parking pass & am in classes– and nearly blinded as I was told that what I was doing was illegal. 

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t leave your windows open to cool the place down. Not worth it. 
  • Empty parking lots basically turn you into a target for the cops. 
  • Stay grateful for friends who have a flat spot to park a few minutes away. 

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  1. I really hope that in the future, van living will be legal. Sadly, I think it’s only illegal because the government wants property taxes and money. Good luck finding a place downtown. It probably will be a bit easier there.

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    1. SL says:

      It’s a total bummer & I guess just something we get to navigate until they legalize the lifestyle!

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  2. Thankfully, I have avoided this so far!! Keep trucking!!


  3. Peter Donner says:

    You can park in front of my house any time. Think the law is car can’t be parked more than 72 hours straight. 1034 Bryan Ave. My front yard is a jungle, your truck might stand out as too nice. Pray for more snow and less wind for this winter


  4. Unfortunately, you have to turn into somewhat of a ghost as an urban camper. Doable, yet annoying.


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