Pack It Out, Dummies


“the only way to protect these lands is to hold them sacred.” 

This morning I went on a hike at the top of Guardsman’s pass and was so furious about the trash & junk & abandoned (burning) campfires I found that I posted about the lack of respect people apparently have for nature. And damn, do people care! At least my followers do, which is likely part of the reason we’re friends… 

But I’ve been going about my business all day and just keep thinking about how much junk I’ve both picked up & had to leave where I found it in the last few days.  Is it that we’ve not educated enough people on the importance of Leave No Trace and fire safety? Or not well enough? Do we need to remind people more with signs on trailheads? And don’t even get me started on plastic consumption.

Fun Fact: last year over 2 million acres of land were burned because of human caused fires

The underlying thought that’s been going through my head all day is “the only way to protect these lands is to hold them sacred.” A saying I read earlier this week that has rang so true. If there aren’t people around that live and love the wild, then what’s the point of preserving, promoting and expanding it? Why fight our local government on keeping the lands public, and stopping drilling & pipelines? I LOVE the magnificent mountains of Northern Utah and it really, truly saddens me to see towels, underwear & beer cans littering the shores of mountain lakes as still smouldering fires dot the trail & plastic water bottles bob in the water of places I hold sacred. Would the reaction be the same if we littered a human-built house of worship?

I’m asking a lot of questions about this & wonder what we can do to change, but as I work through the A’s to these Q’s, I’ll continue packing other people’s literal crap back out of the backcountry. What’re your thoughts on the options and possibilities?


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  1. Cam says:

    Well, aside from tearing up that whole road, I’d say your only option is to put up signs saying to pack it out and put it out.

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