Blood is Thicker Than Water


But the real quote is:

Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb. 

Crazy, right?

Talking with a few friends over shared meals lately, the topics have revolved often about how weird a year it’s been. Everyone’s juju is funky. We’re* still working just as hard, but the negativity current is pretty strong right now and we’re getting pushed back to shore before we get the chance to make it very far. 

So what the hell is going on? How do we change this narrative? I have no idea. Not the slightest. But I do know that every time I talk with a friend about how shitty things are or how frustrating the job hunt, injury/illness recovery are going we both leave with a big hug and full hearts knowing we’re not doing it alone. Someone else empathizes with the weirdness of life and that what’s meant for us will not pass us by. 

So thank you to the humans (and hidden aliens?) both chosen and born into family in my world who make the day to day not only more delicious, but funner and more better. 


*speaking collectively 


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