Design: Adventure


“Here’s to the crazy ones … because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Living on the road, finding myself home in continually new places and surrounded by like-minded people in each new coffee shop who’s wifi I poach is amazing. And although it’s on the cheaper side of living, I don’t have a trust fund propelling me from state to state and I often get asked how I afford it.

Sometimes it’s odd jobs, but my focus is on freelance design work. I’m new to the #homeonwheels lifestyle and I’m absolutely figuring things out, but the dream is to work as a self-sustaining freelance designer, with wifi and coffee in hand, from anywhere in the world.

The past month or so I’ve been debating if I need to take a break from design, work on my skill set & experience for mountaineering & rehab and then revisit design down the road. But then in talking with a much wiser friend, she told me that the two need to go hand in hand and depend on each other. Flex both sides equally. So as I work my way down the PanAmerican Highway in an adventure mobile I’ll be climbing, skiing, meeting new people & creating neat stuff as possible.

The challenge, the creative process, the flexibility, the connections and people that are drawn to the design world all working to move creativity and experiences forward in the world make design a wonderful place. So as Steve Jobs famously said, here’s to the crazy ones.

And just in case you were curious… Check out my my collection of creativity here or simply view my portfolio below!

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