Chant With Me Now 

“Progress! Progress! Progress! Progress!!”

Today I made what I feel like is more progress than I’ve made in weeks. Curtains are installed (not lined though because the grays of my fabrics didn’t look good together & of course that matters), all insulation around the bed is finished, and plans for the actual build are finished. 

Next steps are:

  1. Get the money to pay for the last bit
  2. Buy + install roof racks. (Thule pro forms anyone?)
  3. Install wood paneling around bed, install insulation & paneling of some sort (I’m thinking clear coroplast so the insulation is still somewhat visible)
  4. Build in storage & bed frame (and finish those–do I want to stain them..?)
  5. HIT THE ROAD, JACK. I’m seriously ready to get on the road… I’m thinking first stop will be monument valley, and then out to California. Or maybe head to Tahoe. Or even…. 

Lessons learned from today: 

It’s cool to do 4 Home Depot trips in a day because you can’t decide on the type of adhesive you want and are being stingy, all the cool kids do it. Velcro is dope and expensive. 

Looking for small boards to give just a 1/4″ gap between insulation, I found that project board–although a little more expensive–saves a lot of time because it’s the exact dimensions I need (1/4″ x 1.5″ x 48″) to fit snugly in the truck. Minimal cutting! 

Industrial strength, double stick tape works better than spray adhesive in this situation. No spraying in a small space, no wait time. 

I also learned that I’m not a huge fan of the podcast Modern Love. Interesting stories with good perspectives, but not great for binging as I build. Just as an aside…


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  1. kwshoes says:

    Gettin’ to know you,
    Gettin’ to know all about you.
    Gettin’ to like you,
    Gettin’ to hope you like me.


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