Work Work Work Work…

Snake Skin for good energy & gratitude, the ideal dirt barbie purse (chapstick, notebook, coffee punch cards & phone all fit purrrfectly) to hold things, and Wifi hotspot (dopely called Karma) to keep me connected… Even if I don’t want to be.

I’ve used the coffee punch cards more than the hot spot at this point though and the $2 drip coffee refills may be cheaper than the extra data… Gotta go crunch those numbers…

But what’s the secret to productivity when your time is finally your own? And what’s the secret to convincing people to pay you to do things for them?

What’s the benefit of putting design (as a career) on hold for a year or two to work as a guide or waitress or something?

Author (and maybe only readers) note: I’m a terrible waitress. That option is indefinitely out.


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