The ‘B’ Word


I’ve always hated the term “barbie.” It conjures images of bimbos, blondes, and small plastic, pink convertibles.

But in the outdoor industry, girls have a weird line to walk. Less and less it’s weird for outdoorsy girls to have their own style thanks to companies getting it that we don’t dig the ‘shrink it & pink it’ mentality, and more and more badass ladies making their way into the limelight of the adventure community – and I think it’s rad. SO, cheers to the dirt barbies.

I don’t want this site (not a blog) to be about my being a girl who does outdoorsy/adventurous things and takes pictures of herself doing them, because she’s a girl. There are enough of those. But I want to create a place to share my work and maybe, one day the work of other rad adventurers.

Moving forward, I want to work with and for companies because I’ve created something great, something worth sharing, understanding, and developing. Maybe I’ve created an idea, or a product, or a service! Who knows. But I want to be recognized, sponsored, considered because of what I do and think. So no blog posts every week, no stream of selfies, probably won’t hit coachella in macrame, and won’t be the run-of-the-mill barbie.

I’ll be keeping the site in Beta.


One Comment Add yours

  1. HermitCrab says:

    Alright, stoked to see what you’ve got in store.


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